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Introducing Project Kinship

At Kinship Flower Farm, we're all about helping people connect with each other and the earth. I'm so excited to tell you about a new project we're launching to help us fulfill that mission.

Earlier this season, one of our previous subscription holders in Michigan purchased a bouquet subscription for the 2021 season. At first, I thought the purchase was an error since Michigan is now a few hundred miles outside of our delivery range. But that customer wrote to me telling me that the purchase was intentional. They wanted to spread a little love to our new community and gift the bouquets to someone each month.

I completely fell in love with the idea but didn't give it much additional thought at the time being smack in the middle of the moving process. A few weeks later, another Michigan flower farmer I follow, Brightside Blooms, posted about an initiative they were starting called Project Brightside, where customers could purchase a bouquet to be gifted to a stranger. Seeing this reminded me of the purchased gift subscription and soon the idea for a new project birthed in my mind.

We are calling it Project Kinship, and here is how it works. You can purchase a bouquet at a discounted price directly from the website. Each purchased bouquet will be donated to residents of a long-term care facility here in Columbia, TN. You can even add an inspirational message, scripture, or quote to be included with the bouquet. Residents of long-term care facilities have experienced loneliness and isolation in many areas due to COVID and deserve a little extra joy right now.

You can head to our shop page to purchase a Project Kinship Bouquet and help spread some love and joy in our community.

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