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A New Season, A New Name, & A Fresh Direction

Hi Flower Friends!

We're in the final weeks of February (thank the Lord!) and that means spring-like weather is just around the corner in Middle Tennessee. This past week, I began sowing the majority of our annual seeds for the 2022 season. I'm really excited about this year. It's my biggest year of weddings and events yet, I have some fun things planned for the flower stand, and I'm so excited to see how some new crops -lisianthus, basket flower, plectranthus- perform in our rows.

You may have seen in Instagram, Facebook, or the website that I've slightly tweaked the name of the business. Kinship Flower Farm is now Kinship Blooms. I love the change and didn't even mind the extra work of changing everything over online.

Why the change?

First, I've always struggled with calling myself a "farm" due to my small-scale growing operation. Let me be clear: If you are intentionally growing something on 1/18 acre or 800 acres, you can call yourself a farmer! But beyond my hesitation with the word farm, the change is also reflective of a larger shift in my business going forward.

I turned 40 this past December, and while I hope to be physically capable of hauling compost, crouching in flower rows, and lifting heavy buckets for many years to come, I am confident my designing days will outnumber my farming days.

I feel like I've hit the sweet spot on my flower journey. I love cutting buckets of fresh flowers from the cutting garden. But I REALLY love turning those bunches of blooms into unique designs inspired by nature. I took steps in 2021 to further my design education, including online courses and taking a part-time job as a floral designer at a local florist.

Running a small business feels a bit like throwing a handful of pasta to the wall and seeing what sticks. You try lots of things, and each year you refine the plan.

So what does that mean going forward?

The business will shift more towards event floral design. I look forward to partnering with more couples for weddings and working with other local floral creatives as a freelance designer. I will continue to share flowers with our local community through the flower stand and seasonal flower subscriptions. I hope to expand my network of florists to provide incredible cut flowers this summer. I'm also pumped to share some community events I have the privilege of being a part of later this year (more on this soon).

Thanks for being here for the ride. I quite literally couldn't do this without each of you. You are the lifeblood of Kinship and the reason I am able to continue this mission of creating a kinder, more connected planet through flowers.

Keep Growing,


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