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How We Became Flower Farmers

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Some of the most vivid memories of my childhood involve flowers.

I can picture my grandparents weaving daisies into crowns for the entire family just before Grandpa Ted hitched up the tractor trailer to pull all the cousins around the farm.

I remember digging bleeding hearts out of the woods behind our property, my mom hauling our foraged finds in the wheel barrow to add the bounty to our landscaping.

Flowers marked the seasons. Tiny lavender blossoms in our grass popping up just after the thaw, deeply pigmented impatiens spilling over the old whiskey barrel planters, Queen Anne's Lace and goldenrod stems leaning in the winds as summer turned to autumn.

Flowers are written into the story of my life.

After over a decade of vegetable gardening, Nathan and I decided to add a few beds of cosmos, zinnias, and celosia to our garden plot this year. The results were prolific! Our garden burst with colorful blooms. Bouquets graced nearly every flat surface of our house with plenty left to spare for the pollinators.

In reading the stories of other flower farmers, I found our story of moving from strictly vegetable farming to a passion for flowers is quite common. There is something special about growing plants purely for the purpose of spreading beauty and joy.

Sharing our bounty was the best part! From a few small bouquets for friends and teachers, I was soon asked to provide flowers for small events including a baby shower and a wedding reception. My new found hobby became a passion and the idea for a business grew.

At Peck & Petal, we believe beauty is essential to a thriving life. We are passionate about sharing beauty by the blossom with our local community. We share nature's elegance through CSA bouquet subscriptions, custom floral design, and we hope to partner with area florists in 2019 to bring the abundance, long vase life, and variety of sustainable, local flowers to our neighbors in Southeast Michigan.

I can't wait to share more about Peck & Petal with you. Here's to living life with our hands in the dirt.


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